Do you want to learn how to create change? Are you tired of the political status quo? The Forward Wyoming Grassroots Institute is a free program that will give you the tools you need to effectively organize at the grassroots level. 

The Grassroots Institute takes place Tuesday evenings, 6-8:30 p.m., February 28-May 02

What is the Forward Wyoming Grassroots Institute?

The Forward Wyoming Grassroots Institute is a free program for local university students, young professionals, and forward-thinking community members who are interested in gaining a foundational knowledge of enacting change at the grassroots level–that is, through our neighbors, peers, local leaders, and state legislators.

The Grassroots Institute meets one evening a week over the course of 9 weeks every semester to learn grassroots fundamentals, get hands-on experience with direct voter contact, and foster the growing community of people in Wyoming who seek change and also know how to make it happen.  

If you are looking to put your activism into action, gain an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing the Equality State, or launch your career in politics/advocacy/nonprofits/data/journalism, the Forward Wyoming Grassroots Institute is a great place to get started!

The Grassroots Institute will provide you with:

  • A deep understanding of Wyoming’s political landscape
  • Real-world experience with community organizing at various levels 
  • The latest data-backed tools and skills of modern-day activists
  • A network of fellow organizers, local nonprofit leaders, peer mentors, and people who want to help you succeed in changing the future of our world

Do you want know someone that would be a great fit for the Forward Wyoming Grassroots Institute? An outspoken activist with a passion for organizing? You can nominate them for the program by following the link below.

Program Outline

This semester, we’ll be covering the theory behind effective grassroots tactics, digital engagement as a tool for building a movement, and the past, present, and future of activism in Wyoming. You can find out more by reading the full curriculum below.