Who We Are

Our organization started out as a team of young people from around the state of Wyoming that got sick of the status quo. We realized that there was no one getting the average citizen involved in the political process which meant our voices were being ignored.

So we did something about it.

Seeing that the average citizen had very limited paths for getting involved in the political process at the grassroots level, Forward Wyoming was launched with the goal of reinvigorating the political culture and fostering a more representative, responsive government. Without talented people who know how to effect real change, Forward Wyoming started the Grassroots Institute to give young people the skills necessary for transforming the system.

Now we advocate for a better, stronger, and fairer state through grassroots organizing centered around getting people directly involved in the political process.   Our office is located in Southeastern Wyoming, the seat of higher education and state government, Forward Wyoming is continuously broadening its reach to communities throughout all of Wyoming.

What We Stand For

Gender Equality

Gender should not hinder a person’s ability to succeed or feed their family.

Living Wage

Hard-working Wyomingites deserve an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

Conservation & Sportsmen

Wyoming’s most treasured resources are its wilderness and its unparalleled hunting and fishing opportunities.


All Wyomingites deserve access to quality affordable health care.

Our Projects

Forward Wyoming is currently focused on:

Are you a student looking to get hands-on experience in community organizing?

Interested in learning what grassroots organizing really looks like?

Looking for something meaningful to do with your awesome social sciences degree?

You have come to the right place!

The Spring 2017 Grassroots Institute is now underway. Check back soon for more details on the Summer 2017 program!

DIY Democracy

Our DIY Democracy Series is focused on bringing in talented activists into the Laramie community to give free workshop sessions, talks, and panel discussions. These sessions are always free and always open to the public, check out our upcoming DIY Democracy sessions here.

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